Saturday, April 18, 2009

I make books!

One of my not-so-secret passions is bookbinding. I simply can't get enough of it! So when it came time to make some promo pieces for portfolio day, I was like HECK YES I'M GOING TO MAKE A BILLION BOOKS!!! I was afraid I'd hate bookbinding after making them all, but it turns out it actually made me like it even more. Japanese stab bindings are awesome for just zoning out and making on auto-mode. Also, a billion is not the real number. My crack team of bookbinding slaves and I made 58, so far. And by 'crack team of bookbinding slaves' I pretty much just mean my lovely, wonderful sister. Annnnywho, you make a book for promo purposes, you've got to put stuff in it! Well, here's the in-stuff what went on the stuffin's of the......... fufnstis?

[the cover is printed on bright red paper!]

True story!!!!
Man, I was one weird kid. I mean, I still am, but seriously... One weeeeeeird kid.

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