Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crazytown sombrerolicious!

Man, things have been super duper ridiculously crazy go nuts university for me, lately! So, on top of getting a killer new job... I moved! ... And so did my boyfriend! ... And my friend! .... And of course my roommate, but that's less surprising since we got a place together and obviously had to move at the same time but literally ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE MOVED ON THE SAME WEEKEND. It was friggin' NUTS. And exhausting. Seriously, I was about a billion percent sure that I was going to die after the four-and-a-half millionth trip up the stairs. Oy. But as a result of trying to unpack all places at once, the fact that I have the most stuff out of all of my friends and no extra place to store it because I'm not in contact with family or able to afford storage units or whatnot, and a desperate desire to spend all possible moments with Billy, who previously lived a couple of hours away and was only able to come down most weekends which made me miss him massively the instant he wasn't within sniffin' distance.... My place is kind of a wreck. Yesterday I got to work from home which was great because it means it was kind of the first day all month that I've actually spent a substantial amount of time at my house. After I was done diligently actually doing the work that work prescribed [NOW WITH KUNG FU RESPONSIBILITY ACTION!!!] I built two pieces of furniture that were previously housed in IKEA boxes! [Man, I had not been to IKEA before last year and HOLY CRAP WHERE THE FRICK DO I GO WHEN I'M IN THERE?!?!? Seriously! It's like you get lost in some kind of crazy hypnotic maze and by the time you leave you've got a tummy full of taters, a cake pan shaped like a horse, and seem to have misplaced all the funds in your wallet!!! EVERY FRIGGIN' TIME!!!] So... Y'know.... More progress. My place is shaping up nicely with the few moments that I actually get to spend here and set shit up and whatnot. Once it's officially all together, I plan on hosting a Tuesday night art... Fight? YES. It rhymes. But every Tuesday night, my pals and I are going to be here makin' art and probably food. Also, I've decided JUST NOW that I need to start drawing Batman once a week in addition to whatever it is that I end up doing on Tuesday night arts which will include bookbinding and printmaking very soon because I'm suuuuuuuuuuper in the mood to do those things. HERE'S A BATMAN.

I LITERALLY just drew this. Kind of was inspired by saying I wanted to draw some Batmans. Obviously this is an in-progress kind of deal but it'll have to do for now since I've got to leave soon to hang out with my sisters and FINALLY meet my niece! Juliette was born in December some time but between everyone assuming that someone else had told me, me crashing my car, getting attacked by a whale shower caddy, and working a whole bunches... I haven't gotten to drive down to Delaware to see her yet. I'm kind of interested to see how this goes down since my two sisters and I are not on good terms with one another and we're all varying degrees of batshit crazy. Eh, whatever. At the end of it Billy and I are going to go see Paul, so hopefully that'll make up for any poopie parts they've got in store. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!