Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A helpful tutorial, I hope!

Well, I was checking the now completely addictive Comic Tools blog and saw that included this week was a method for colorizing lineart. Sort of. I thought it was super interesting the way that Elanor Davis chose to layer two copies of the same image, changed to different colors, in order to achieve a sort of duochrome look. Well, I decided that it may very well end up being helpful if I also shared a method for colorizing lineart in Photoshop that varies wildly from her approach. Hope it helps someone because it pretty much blew my mind when I learned it!

Click here for the video! I definitely recommend doing fullscreen, since the program I used to record the video recorded it in its native size. Whoopsies!


  1. Woah. That blogspot is awesome-- hadn't heard of it. I'm also a huge fan of Eleanor's-- That's intense! Thanks for the post!

  2. Yeah, Comictools is awesome!!! I found it while pokin' around the ol' Google trying to find the world's perfect brush. Or rather, the world's perfect brush within my price range. Jury's still out, but it just so happens that he did a review of a brush right after I started following the blog so there's hope yet! Mike Meulstee and I are gonna raid Blick tonight and hopefully I'll be financially able to do a large comparison of brushes for next week.

    What's Elanor's? I'm suuuuper up for more bloggins!!!