Saturday, June 4, 2011

Exciting things!!!!

One day, long, long ago, I went crazy. Because I know if I say "one day, very recently, I went crazy" a lot of the people who know me will chuckle and say "Don't you mean a long time ago, super-kooky crazy-pants?" and I'm typically inclined to agree with them. SO on a separate, more recent, not-related occasion to the origination of my super-duper batshit crazybutts off-rockerness, I went off my rocker even further and decided it would be an excellent idea to just send off my portfolio to some comic publishers. Those people earlier who were chucklin' and tellin' me I've been crazy since forever all know very well that I do have a deep love of visual storytelling, whether it be in comics or childrens' books or those insert pictures you never seem to be fortunate enough to get in books past the young-adult age-typed novels... I just dig it. I love the idea that you're reading something and there's a visual aid right there in front of you that helps make the entire immersion of the experience that much more spectacular... Anyway, I am excited to say that my "Eff it, why not?" attitude has led to success!
One of the things I'll be working on for perhaps the next two months is a comic for Viper Comics, written by a rather interesting chap named Sam. Now, rather than give you any details about the project AT ALL, I'm going to, instead, say that we are both SUPREMELY excited and give you a piece that I did for work that will not be used. :D

More details to follow at some undetermined point and time!!!!! ... There will be character sketches up soon I suspect.


  1. your work is dumb for not using any of the awesome stuff you make for them. Now granted I do not know the style that they normally go for, but... your stuff might make a man who never wears nail paint, but it... but see... they dont use it, so i am still nail paint free!

  2. You know, I'M not even sure what style they normally go for. Sometimes they want super ridiculously clean stuff, and so I get into the habit of making ultra-sparse designs, and then they ask me to make something quirky and dirty when I least expect it. Overall, basically every single project I do there are three fully-realized versions that never end up seeing the light of day. It's uber-depressing for me on the basis that they always choose the one that I think is ugliest. Oh well. Gives me plenty of experience fiddlin' around.